Effective, Efficient, Compliant: Working with Veeva Approved Email

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“I wish I could get more emails in my inbox,” said absolutely no one in this era of communications overload.

But email isn’t going anywhere because it’s convenient and cost-effective. For Health Care Practitioners (HCPs), it turns out that email is their preferred means of communication: according to Veeva, 58% of HCPs prefer emails over other channels.

Not All Email is Alike

As we all know from personal experience, not all emails are effective or welcome. An impersonal blast of news we can’t use will go right to the trash. But a personalized email tailored to our needs has a good shot at being read. In fact, Veeva has found that personalized emails have click through rates six times higher than non-personalized email blasts.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have other challenges to consider when sending emails to HCPs, the largest of which is compliance. In this highly regulated industry, any communication that fails to comply with FDA regulations can subject the sender to unspeakably costly penalties.

Thanks to Veeva, the leading CRM choice for the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical sales reps can prepare and send personalized, compliant email to their HCPs with just a few clicks.

Veeva Approved Emails

Veeva CRM includes the Approved Email platform as standard equipment. This platform, when combined with Veeva Vault, their content management platform, utilizes customizable templates that transform the process of creating effective, compliant HCP emails.

The beauty of a template approach is that content need only go through the approval process once. Sales reps can access a library of templates knowing that the content is compliant and that the communication is on-brand. This enables a rep to send a follow-up email immediately after a live or remote sales call without having to wait for approval.

Customizing with Fragments

Approved Emails can be customized through the use of fragments. Fragments enable the sender to “fill in the blanks” by adding information specific to the needs of each HCP. The pharma company (or their agency) will create fragments that speak to a range of topics and scenarios so that reps have the option of sending each HCP the information most relevant to their interests.

Another benefit of fragments: they can be updated quickly. For example, instead of having to approve an entirely new template to share newly published data, the information can be included in a new Approved Email fragment and used with existing templates.

Getting it Right

Veeva CRM and Veeva Vault are designed with users in mind. Most representatives are either accustomed to working with Veeva or can pick it up quickly.

Hick-ups are more likely to occur on the backend, in the process of setting up the templates. While most agencies are experts at generating compelling, compliant, on-brand content, they often don’t take the process beyond the creation of a PDF. Ensuring that the content gets programmed correctly – and that the templates and fragments are easily accessible and end up looking exactly as desired – takes a level of expertise that often can’t be found in the typical medical agency.

That’s why Veeva has a network of partners who understand the world of Approved Emails inside and out. Working with a partner to ensure that Approved Email is functioning exactly as intended is a key step in unleashing the power of effective, efficient, and compliant HCP emails.

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